All you need for your company

Projects, Specifics Plans, Technical Advice, Implementation of Legal Regulations

Let us know what’s on your mind and our team of experts will provide you with the required advice in order to launch your projects, adjust them to the corresponding regulations or just certify them.

"CONTINUOS IMPROVEMENT" is the core concept of CBVSI. This belief makes a higher profitability in any company possible, as well as a greater efficiency in its team and security in its internal procedures. We offer a quick and personalised service at all times.

Each member of the team in CBVSI works hard to offer the services we believe in. We have an active role in our clients’ projects. We are established as a TECHNICAL CONSULTANCY FIRM since 1999 thanks to all those clients. Nowadays, we carry on giving a global service, which takes into account the follow-up and resolution of problems which may arise during the implementation of any kind of bussiness, engineering or architecture project, health and safety, ISO, specific regulations, etc.

About us

Safety work Graduado en prevencion y seguridad integral

Technical direction, Graduate prevention and security integral
Carles Bòtia

Lluïsa Gonzàlez

Engineering coordinator Heralth and Safety
Pau Blaya

Architect - coordinator heralth and Safety- estructures certificación
Xavi Franco

Our work

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