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The emergency plan is designed to be a guide regarding the development of activities in an enclosed area. The main purpose of it is the establishment of basic criteria to regulate personal protection, to assess the requirements from the legislation, as well as to elaborate and implement effective equipment and its maintenance.


If we want to assure the evacuation and protection of people and assets in an emergency situation, we need to coordinate the resources in order to minimize to the fullest the possible consequences. We also need to prepare to the extent possible the interve
CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems

This type of plan will not only develop the technical basis to achieve the said objectives but it will also allows us:

  • To asses and avoid the causes of the emergency.
  • To inform everyone about how to prevent an emergency and, if needed, in which way to act.
  • To have organised and trained people who can ensure promptness and efficiency when it’s necessary to take action in order to control emergencies.
  • To know our facilities and the available protection resources equipment.
  • To ensure reliability in all the protection resources and general facilities.



According to what is stated in the Spanish decree 30/2015, the personal protection measures must constitute a living document. Thus implied aspects, the supervision and updating are applied.

Those personal protection measures have to be revised whenever a substantial modification is made. In addition, they have to be revised at least every four years.

An update is undertaken on an annual basis in order to add all the non-substantial changes, with the exception of the year when the revision is made.

Therefore, in CBVSI, once we finalise the technical approval of your emergency plans and personal protection measures, we offer you the possibility to continue working together to sustain all the required conditions by the decree. We offer an annual contract and during this time we are totally involved to help you fulfill all the proceedings and actions, such as drills and annual trainings.

Along with the maintenance of the personal protection measures and the fact that it’s a living document, the Spanish decree obliges you to carry out yearly trainings and drills. Thanks to these trainings and drills we manage to always keep an active attitude regarding personal protection in the emergency teams.

Our trainings are addressed in different ways every year, so they are not repetitive. Several types of trainings are included, such as general ones to initiate you into the personal protection measures, specific trainings to each of the work teams or trainings which deal with particular emergencies.

We are flexible with our client with regards to timetables to do the trainings so they suit the company at all times.

Besides that, after the training is finished, the same day or on a different date, a drill is carried out. As said before, in order not to make those trainings repetitive and to boost expertise, we offer a wide variety of drills:
CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems
  • Office drill: only addressed to team leaders of each team. They will be put to the test in a round table.
  • Partial drill: It may be performed by some of the staff using a fictitious example. Thereby, we will be able to check the communication among them in order to implement the knowledge in the company’s facilities.
  • General drill: all the staff and the external resources take part in it. Everyone is tested by executing a real emergency.
A report will be conducted for each of the drills stated above. Some observers will write the said report with the purspose of drawing positive conclusions and things to improve. Note that we will always respond to your needs.
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