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Drill Preparation - CBVSI

We manage all types of Drills:
Office Drills.
Internal Drills.
External Drills.

According to article 13.2 of Decree 30/2015, "Drills may be carried out with the mobilization of personal or external resources or office drills.

According to RD 393/2007 basic self-protection standard, it is indicated that emergency drills must be carried out as established in the Plan and annually.

  • Office drill: only addressed to team leaders of each team. They will be put to the test in a round table.
  • Partial drill: It may be performed by some of the staff using a fictitious example. Thereby, we will be able to check the communication among them in order to implement the knowledge in the company’s facilities.
  • General drill: all the staff and the external resources take part in it. Everyone is tested by executing a real emergency.

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