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A business license is a document signed by a competent technician, which is required to obtain a corresponding municipal license. The said license permits the beginning of an activity in an specific business premises or enclosed area.

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems




his document also justifies that the commercial establishment, the facilities, the design and the development of the business complies with the corresponding laws and regulations.

The business plan includes all the applicable regulations, such as the Technical Building Code, Accesibility, fire protection documents, Low Voltage Regulator rules, etc.

Ultimately, the aim of this document is to adjust the business that our clients wish to pursue to the legislation and the location so that it can be carried out with ease.

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems


The processing of the business license can be quite long and specific requests can be made by the administration. In CBVSI, we will advice you and in case you need so, we will prepare any supplementary requested documents.

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems


Once all the reorganisation of the facilities is finished, the completion certificate is issued and signed by a competent technician. This document certifies that the facilities are exactly as they are stated in the project submited to the competent public administration

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