CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems

Food Security - APPCC - CBVSI

Hostelry and catering establishments, as well as food industries need to comply with health service requirements.

It’s fundamental to conduct an ANALYSIS ON RISKS AND CRITICAL CONTROL ASPECTS of the company’s procedures to obey the legislation.

Knowing that public health entails a lot of knowledge and responsibility, CBVSI counsels, introduces and audits companies of this field. To make it possible, we apply the UNE EN ISO 2200 law, APPC, food security manuals, etc.

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems


First of all, an initial audit is done to check the premises conditions, the equipment and the working methods. Once we have all the information, a report is finished, which will be shown to the client. Whereupon, an action plan is created, so the company is managing its food and system security in the correct way.

We create a management manual with regards to food security, starting from the reception of raw materials to its conservation, elaboration and use.

A report on APPC flow is also included regarding the working system to have a better control of food security.

After all of these steps, we plan the trainings for the managers and staff to achieve a proper running of the food security system to meet with the clients’ needs.

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems
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