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In order to fulfill our administrative processing, sometimes some specific reports are required by the public administration. We need to make sure we comply with specific legislation, such as the Spanish Ordenanza Municipal de Actividades e Intervención Ambiental (OMAIA), related to environmental actions, or with mobility issues to have the licence approved.

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems


Nowadays, environmental laws are really important in each city. Thus, the public administration requires very specific and technical studies which complies with the applicable law.

As long as there is a high resounding level or music, we are happy to conduct a noise impact analysis. We assess the area acoustic capacity thanks to acoustic capacity maps and, of course, bearing in mind the technical requirements of the limiter-registrar.

The purpose of this analysis is to check the maximum sound pressure level within the legislation. By doing so, it helps us to obtain a better sound quality.


As experts in charge of carriyng out projects, we are able to create mobility plans for areas with a big capacity. In these studies, we take into account the parking areas, town hall management areas and public transport companies which need to organise shuttle transportation and support to have a better mobility.


CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems


This kind of reports are carried out by an authorised qualified person. They entail harm and damages to a third-party as a result of construction flaws, for example. In consequence, some damages might be claimed.

We take care of the damage expert report, reclaimable disagreements, flaws and, if necessary, some negotiations can be established with the insurance company and assistance in trial.

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