CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems

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CBVSI is aware of the progress reached in new technologies and the importance to guarantee personal privacy. It has more than 20 years experience in personal data protection, and it has been keeping up with all the changes made through the years in the field. That’s why we introduce, counsel and audit systems which might deal with data storage and processing. We assure our clients compliance with the GDPR and the Spanish law: ley LOPDGDD 3/2018. Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos y Garantías de Datos Digitales. 

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems

GDPR Regulation and LOPD

Nowadays, personal data storage and management is considered as one of the most important resources within the business management. Thus, all companies must have a protection system which is adapted to the data volume and typology as well as to the current regulations.

We conduct an initial audit to analyse the network status and the clients data system in order to look for their strong and weak points. Once we have all the information, a confidential report is created for the client. An action plan is created from that report to assure that the company counts with a proper data and system management.

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems


We can create a management manual regarding the personal data protection system. This manual comprises the computer files, physical support, images, biometric data, etc.

After the manual has been approved by the company, we implement the said system in a way that it fits in the running of the company.

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems


To finsih up, a training is runned to the staff and their managers in order to correctly use the system, which has been designed and created according to your company. This stage boosts the organisation against vulnerabilities which might be generated in order to detect errors in the compliance of the law.

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