CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems

Health & Safety - CBVSI

Sometimes it’s not enough to have an external safety service to cover all the management and dedication that HEALTH & SAFETY of the staff requires.

That is why we help you to MANAGE this matter and we will assist you with the implementation of preventive needed measures to obtain an efficient and safe work place.

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems


Regardless of the company’s size, the said company has the responsability to create, to implement and to have a prevention plan at everyone’s disposal, which has to be efficient and suitable for all of the staff. However, it might happen that the objectives are not achieved due to an unsatisfactory or too generic counsel which is not suitable to someone’s company.

The main aspects to take into account in order to assure an optimal level as well as to generate a preventive culture regarding the organisation are a detailed knowledge of the work place and several preventive requirements. Note that each and every one of the members plays an important role to obtain a safe environment.




In compliance with the Spanish Health and Safety Law (Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales, art. 24) and the Royal Decree (R.D. 171/2004) in regards to the coordination of business activities, it’s compulsory that companies which are established in the same work place, have efective prevention measures in order to avoid risk interferences due to the business activity carried out.

We have a specific platform to coordinate business activities created by our team of technicians. It is used as a tool to manage all the necessary documentation and to fulfill all the regulatory requirements.

This platform allows us to notify the documentation between the companies which take part in it. Therefore, we ensure that each of them complies with their responsibilities and obligations.

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems


Accidents at work and occupational diseases are normally caused by the following aspects: risks when using work equipment, exposure to physical and/or biological agents, an inadequate illumination, bad relationship with the staff which leads to a bad atmosphere at work or facilities at work which can’t be adapted.

Having and maintaining a safe and comfortable work environment affects the staff motivation and the organisation capacity. It can also reduce work absenteeism and it enhances a better running of the company.

All those risks are valuable, in other words, we can detect the origin and remove them by realising specific reports, such as:

-Photometry (illumination at work places)

-Noise analysis (exposure level to noise at work)

-Ergonomic studies

-Psycho-social studies (work stress, mobbing, etc.)

CBVSI Safety & Work  - ISO management systems


Do you have equipment which works just fine but it is outdated due to the passage of time or, in some occasions, due to a misuse? As a result, they don’t meet the requirements to be considered as safe work equipment.

We will analise your equipment in order to prepare an adaptation report in accordance with the Spanish Royal Decree related to health and safety conditions in order to comply with the law.

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