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Event Covid Free

Our sector has been especially affected by the measures implemented by the Government, to mitigate the effects of the Pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 "Coronavirus".
The current situation is causing a change in habits in all sectors and areas, this requires us to adapt to these changes. We must enhance an image of Quality, Safety, Hygiene and Professionalism. Whoever does not adapt to these requirements will be left behind in the return to activity.

We offer you: Work together to define, according to the real needs of each company within its service typology in the Events Sector, the performance of work procedures and protocols, both internal and external, that minimize the risk to its workers as much as possible. , subcontractors, freelancers and collaborating companies. Enhance the Image of Safety, Hygiene, Quality and Professionalism of your Organization !!

Help you back to activity and enhance the Sector !!!
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