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CBVSI Consultancy and advice on the implantation of business regulations


In 1999, after he aquired lots of knowledge and experience in his early years of work life, Carles Bòtia Villareal started his professional business as an specialised freelance in industrial counsel.

In 2006, once he had many years of experience as a consultant on implementations of regulations, health and safety, data protection, etc., he created the said limited society: CBVSI SAFETY & WORK.

Since then, the company has little by little recruited into the workforce the technical staff needed to submit the best services and meet ends with each of our clients. We cover several areas so our clients can fulfill all of their demands. This means that we will guide you from the moment when you decide to start a business until it is set in motion (as well as until it complies with the legal requirements, which may frequently change).

About us

Technical direction
Carles Bòtia

Lluïsa Gonzàlez

Engineering and coordination H&S
Pau Blaya

Occupational Risk Prevention
Marta Cerezo

Xavi Franco